4 Buffalo Bills who made a splash in final week of OTAs before minicamp

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DeWayne Carter

Another defensive lineman that impressed Parrino during the final week of OTAs was defensive tackle DeWayne Carter. The Bills drafted Carter in the third round of the 2024 NFL Draft and the rookie is fighting for a spot in the rotation at the position.

"Carter never stops moving. He’s ultra-fast off the line and runs down running backs until the whistle blows. His best play was on a great rush, beating his block to land at the quarterback for a shared sack with Kingsley Jonathan."

Carter is an experienced defensive tackle for a rookie so it isn't overly surprising to see him making an immediate impact. As Parrino noted, DeShawn Williams wasn't in attendance this week so Carter was able to get some additional reps and is taking advantage of that extra work.

The biggest question will be whether or not Carter can continue to play at this level once the pads go on. During OTAs, hitting is limited and this can help players like Carter who utilizes speed and quickness more.

This rookie class might be asked to contribute more early in their career compared to previous classes with all the changes this offseason. However, seeing reports like this should give some confidence that they could do just that.