4 Buffalo Bills who made a splash in final week of OTAs before minicamp

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Curtis Samuel

The wide receiver position appears to be consistently in flux as the Bills have basically gone through a complete overhaul at the position. The first week it was Chase Claypool while last week it was former fifth-round pick Justin Shorter making plays.

On Tuesday, it was the Bills' top free agent addition at the position time to shine in Curtis Samuel. Alex Brasky with Batavia News noted how Samuel not only made some good catches but also made some plays running the ball.

"Curtis Samuel was another of the Bills weapons who stood out on Tuesday, securing the first pass of team drills and later serving as the ball carrier on a toss play. The toss play may have been a sign of how Buffalo plans to use Samuel’s versatility as both a pass catcher and runner."

The Bills signed Curtis Samuel to a three-year contract this offseason and at the time seemed like a great second option behind Stefon Diggs. However, since that signing the Bills traded their top wide receiver which could create more pressure on Samuel.

The good news is that Samuel's best season in the NFL was in 2020 when he was with the Panthers and had Joe Brady as his offensive coordinator. That season, Samuel had a career high in rushing attempts with 41 and rushing yards with 200. It might be safe to say the veteran will be utilized in a similar way in the Bills' offense.