4 Buffalo Bills who impressed in Week 14 against the Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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James Cook

The Buffalo Bills offense didn't have a great game but certainly did enough to get the win. One of the players who really stood out on this side of the ball was running back James Cook.

Cook began the game with a huge 25-yard reception that he was able to basically walk in for the first score of the game. He wouldn't stop there and had two more receptions that went for 10 or more yards with a 12-yard reception and then a 27-yard reception just in the opening quarter.

He finished the game with over 100 yards from scrimmage with 58 rushing yards and leading the team in receiving with 83 receiving yards. However, it felt like there was a missed opportunity as Cook wasn't involved much late in the game.

The reasoning is a bit unknown but it could have been due to the pass rush getting to Josh Allen and the Bills electing to go with Latavius Murray, who is much better in pass protection. Whatever the reason, James Cook continues to show he needs to be the featured running back for this offense.