4 bold predictions for the Buffalo Bills and the 2024 NFL Draft

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Buffalo Bills will make a trade in the first round but not into Top 10

Just because the Buffalo Bills don't trade for a veteran wide receiver doesn't mean that Brandon Beane won't be working the phones. The Bills' general manager over the years has all around the NFL Draft to try to add draft capital where they can in case they need to move up to get a player they want.

The first round will be no different and the Bills may not know where they are going until Thursday night. The Bills only have two picks over the first two days after trading their third-round pick for Rasul Douglas and not getting an expected third-round compensatory pick this year.

A move back in the first round, to even into the second round, could recoup that third-round pick and the Bills could still get an impact player with their first pick.

Another option would be the move up into the first round however the dreams of jumping all the way to the Top 10 are probably not going to become a reality. For the Bills to move up that far would require a significant draft pick package, including next year's first-round pick.

The most likely scenario will be the Bills trading up, realistically as high as the middle of the first round, to get a player like Brian Thomas Jr. or Cooper DeJean. A move like that would probably require a couple of Day 3 picks, or even a future second-round pick, and the Bills would get a player that should make an immediate impact.