4 biggest Pro Bowl snubs for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

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On Wednesday night, the NFL announced the Pro Bowl roster for the 2024 Pro Bowl games. The Buffalo Bills had two players make the roster in left tackle Dion Dawkins and running back James Cook. This is Dawkins' third straight Pro Bowl nomination but the first for Cook.

While it was good to someone like James Cook, who has had a breakout season, get recognized, there were a number of players on the Buffalo Bills who were surprisingly left off the roster.

4 biggest Pro Bowl snubs for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

Josh Allen

There is plenty to be made about the turnovers that Josh Allen has had this season with 16 interceptions and probably was the reason why he was left off the Pro Bowl roster. However, when comparing his resume to someone like Patrick Mahomes, it doesn't make much sense.

The turnover criticism is certainly valid but Mahomes has 14 interceptions on the season, which is not far off from Allen. Mahomes also has thrown for more yards this season than Allen but both quarterbacks have the same number of passing touchdowns at 27.

Where there is the biggest difference, and the strongest argument for Josh Allen to be on the Pro Bowl roster, is the rushing touchdowns. He has 15 rushing touchdowns compared to zero from Mahomes. That total is tied for second in the entire NFL and ahead of running backs like Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, and Jahmyr Gibbs,

Josh Allen has only two career Pro Bowl nominations but this is now the second time in three seasons that the Buffalo Bills quarterback has had a season performance worthy of making the roster but was snubbed.