3 x-factors for the Buffalo Bills vs. Las Vegas Raiders in Week 2

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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1.) Josh Allen

The obvious number one choice for this list. Josh Allen was a turnover machine last week against the Jets’ defense with three interceptions and a fumble that allowed the Jets’ offense to get into scoring position. Not only were the turnovers an issue, but Allen was trying to play too much hero ball at the times when the Bills just needed to manage the clock.

At one point, Allen was seen jumping over Jets players in which he was nowhere near the first down line on third down. In addition, he also continues to take unnecessary hits rather than getting out of bounds where Sean McDermott was seen on camera telling Allen to be smart. It’s those types of plays that the Bills cannot afford to endure that backfire on them.

The Raiders defense is nowhere near the overall talent that the Jets have, but if Allen is not able to clean up his game then this Raiders defense will be looking to take advantage of the mistakes that the offense could make.

It might also help Allen to target someone other than Stefon Diggs (yes, he did have 10 catches for 102 yards and a score off of 13 targets). However, the next highest targeted weapon was running back James Cook who had six targets. Allen will need to find a way to get his other receivers involved and build trust with them.