3 wide receivers the Buffalo Bills could target on Day 2 Of NFL Draft

Javon Baker Running A Route During A Game Against Texas Tech
Javon Baker Running A Route During A Game Against Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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Javon Baker

This certain draft prospect grabbed my attention right away. I know, an under the radar receiver from UCF and is a big body target, sound familiar? *Cough Gabe Davis cough*. Although Baker's career stats at UCF are not as dynamic as Davis', he really did capitalize on all of his targets.

According to ESPN, in his senior season, he caught 52 passes for 1,139 yards, an average of 21.9 yards and 7 touchdowns, with his longest catch being 86 yards. This to me screams big play ability, which the Bills had lacked in the later half of the 2023 season, and even in their elimination from the divisional round (again) to the Chiefs (double again).

They surely did miss Gabe and what he offered as a deep threat in that game. Why not restock the shelves for this receiver room with true downfield talent, along with it being another UCF talent? I am sure that Brandon Beane wouldn't mind going back to that well considering how much they loved Gabe and his work ethic, along with being a true deep threat. I admit that Baker might need some time to polish up his craft, but I see a more complete receiver than Gabe Davis. For that, I would not mind them taking Baker in the late 2nd, or early 3rd round.