3 ways Josh Allen can shine against Washington Commanders in Week 3

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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2.) Utilize the short routes

Part of Allen’s game that allowed him to be successful against Las Vegas was his ability to utilize the short routes that were given to him. This is where the two-tight end set of Dawson Knox and Dalton Kincaid comes into great usage for Allen, or even a Deonte Harty in the slot, as well as James Cook to the outside of the pocket. We all know that Allen can launch the ball the length of the field and make big touchdown passes, but why try something just to have it fail most of the time? 

The hope is that the Bills’ game plan from last week can continue into Washington, and the biggest factor was time of possession. The biggest pass of the game for Allen last week was a 40-yard pass to Gabriel Davis that was an over the top throw that went down the sideline. The Bills don’t need to do that all the time and last week showed it. As long as Allen looks down first before up the field, he will be able to keep control of the ball and the clock.

1.) Making the plays outside the pocket

There is no doubt that the Commanders have two of the best interior defensive linemen in Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne. At some point, one if not both of them are going to make a play whether it is against the run or the pass. Allen may have to go off script to make a play, but it is about what type of play that he will make. In Week 1, he scrambled outside the pocket too often and it cost his team. Last week, he only had a couple of scrambles outside the pocket but nothing that was unnecessary. 

If Allen does face interior pressure from Payne and Jonathan Allen, not only does he have to avoid them two but also Chase Young and Montez Sweat. It is hard to question Allen’s abilities outside of the pocket but it has backfired on the offense as well. Allen has to play smart and not force anything down the field and keep the offense flowing smoothly. This is where a receiver like Davis or Kincaid can serve as that quick option to get rid of the ball and gain positive yardage.