3 ways Bills can help Chase Claypool have career resurgence in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills coaching staff can help Chase Claypool bounce back with these three things.
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Chase Claypool needs to run deeper routes

One notable difference between Claypool's rookie season compared to the other years is the average depth of target (ADOT). In his first season in the NFL, Claypool had an average of 13.2 yards per target.

However, every season since the 2020 season, Claypool never was higher than 12 yards and the past two years it was 10.3 yards in 2022 and 11.0 yards last year. The decrease seemed to have more to do with the offense and his quarterback more than the player. Roethlisberger lost a lot of arm strength towards the end of his career and Justin Fields didn't really push the ball down the field.

Claypool is not going to get much separation by any means but he has incredible size that makes him a matchup nightmare at 6'4" and 238 pounds. He has the potential to be a big threat down the sideline for Josh Allen that can utilize that size to create some space and make catches over the defenders.