3 ways Bills can help Chase Claypool have career resurgence in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills coaching staff can help Chase Claypool bounce back with these three things.
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Josh Allen as his quarterback is an immediate boost

While not trying to make an excuse for Chase Claypool, he has not had the best quarterbacks over the past few seasons. In Claypool's third season, where his production really tailed off, he began with Mitchell Trubisky as his quarterback with the Steelers.

He would be traded to the Bears and primarily have Justin Fields throwing him the football but Fields was more of a threat running the ball then throwing. This past season, it was once again Fields to begin the season before going to Miami where he had Tua Tagovailoa.

Certainly Tagovailoa is more than capable at quarterback but with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle already established, there wasn't much opportunity for Claypool.

Entering this season, Claypool not only has the best quarterback of his career throwing him the football in Josh Allen but he is also entering a situation where everyone is pretty much on the same level. Outside of Khalil Shakir, there is not another wide receiver that has caught a pass from Allen in a regular season game.

If Claypool can show an early connection, it will not only help Josh Allen but also put him in a great spot to bounce back.