3 reasons why Buffalo Bills have more pressure than Miami Dolphins in Week 18

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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3.) The Dolphins are in the playoffs no matter what

The Miami Dolphins clinched a playoff spot a couple weeks ago after their victory against the Dallas Cowboys. In the NFL, it is all about whether you get into the dance or not. That is the one factor that the Dolphins have over the Bills heading into this matchup. While the Dolphins would potentially miss out on the AFC East title and a home playoff game, they will still be playing playoff football no matter what. 

The Bills have been put in a position where they cannot depend on the Titans and/or the Ravens’ backups. The Titans are a mess at quarterback and the Steelers, who face the Ravens are fighting for a playoff spot as well. Depending on how this week plays out for the Bills, there is a chance that the Bills could end up playing Miami in the playoffs, whether it is the first or second round. At the end of the day, Buffalo needs to bring their A-game against a team that is already invited to the dance.