3 reasons adding DeAndre Hopkins would make Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites

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The DeAndre Hopkins rumors have been spreading like wildfire throughout the NFL offseason. The talk has been about the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs for months, and now the superstar All-Pro receiver was released and free to sign with whichever team he likes.

What does signing DHop to the Buffalo Bills do for the team in terms of a potential Super Bowl victory? Is he the key that would get the Bills over the proverbial hump? While the Bills are a good enough team now to win it all, adding someone the caliber of Hopkins makes things a little easier for Josh Allen and company.

Of course, signing Hopkins guarantees nothing and if anything, would rachet up the pressure on this team to succeed in 2023. By succeed I mean at a minimum, go to the Super Bowl. Some would say the Bills being the favorite a season ago was part of the demise, I disagree but if that were the case, this won't help in that regard.

Beyond that, what exactly is it about Hopkins, what does he bring to the field that would make such a difference? We're going to get into that in just a second and discuss my three reasons, but before that, I want to say this to the "the Bills don't have the cap space" crowd, the salary cap exists but is very easily manipulated.

Current Bills players can, and undoubtedly would, restructure their existing contracts to free up space. Money can always be pushed down the road, and this is a time to do that.