3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills should trade for Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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3.) The Bills Super Bowl window is still open

As long as Josh Allen is under center and is producing at the level he has performed the last three seasons, the Bills will always be in the conversation as a Super Bowl contender. However, teams need more than just a star quarterback to get to that point.

The Bills have a star receiver in Stefon Diggs and a defense that has been a top ten unit the past few seasons. Even with these strengths, the Bills are still lacking another firepower type of player to help put the Bills over the edge. Maybe solidifying the running back position, even if it is just for one year, is what the Bills need to raise the Lombardi trophy this season. 

If the Bills were to trade for Taylor, they would not have to give up a ton of value for the 24 year old running back who two years ago was the best back in football. There is no reason why the Bills need another running back as they have other pressing needs, but sometimes getting a high quality player at a position can push a team forward more than they have been in previous seasons.

The Super Bowl window for the Bills is open, but it is slowly closing due to big contracts kicking in with other players. It’s time for Brandon Beane to go get the high value player who is on a cheap rookie deal.

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