3 overhyped storylines early in Buffalo Bills training camp

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Training camp is officially underway for the Buffalo Bills heading into the 2023 season. After a long offseason of what seemed to be more questions than answers, it is almost time for kickoff, which will start for the Bills on September 11th against the New York Jets on Monday night football. The first real phase to get started getting into football is training camp where competitions are taking place and those questions that were asked start to be answered. 

The Bills had a great amount of questions during the offseason, not just because of trying to figure out who will start but to also take care of situations that occurred last season and during the offseason. Heading into the season, there were some questions and situations that may have been overhyped surrounding the Bills. 

As camp is taking place for the Bills at St. John Fisher University, here are three overhyped storylines that surrounded the Bills with training camp now in session.