3 moves that could define the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason

It's been a busy offseason for Brandon Beane and the Bills. Let's just hope a few of the moves don't come back to bite them.
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The Buffalo Bills selected Keon Coleman with the 33rd pick of the 2024 NFL Draft

Some of the names that were available to the Bills at 33 were Ladd McConkey, Ja'Lynn Polk, and Adonai Mitchell. Did the Bills make the right pick? We won't know the answer to this question for a while, but if he struggles in year one or doesn't live up to some of the fan's expectations, Beane will be under fire for the decision. Even though Beane warned fans that he's still a rookie and has things to learn, fans will always want more. The truth is, it may take two or three years to truly understand if the correct decision was made.

Adding to the drama and criticism of this selection is the fact that Buffalo relinquished the 28th pick to initially move back to 32 when they had the opportunity to choose from Xavier Worthy, Ricky Pearsall, or Xavier Leggette. Fair or not, Coleman's success, or lack of it, will forever be compared to those other receivers selected around the same spot, especially Worthy. These two will be linked, not only because of the trade, but the respective teams involved between the Bills and Chiefs. If things don't work out with Coleman, the decision to select him over the others will be a major regret.