3 most important players to a Buffalo Bills victory in Week 15

In Sunday's matchup with the Cowboys, the Bills need an all-around performance to stifle their red-hot opponents. But which Buffalo Bills players are expected to be the greatest piece of a winning puzzle in week 15?

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Because there isn't an expectation for snow on the weather forecast, the Buffalo Bills need to make their own flurry of the red-hot Dallas Cowboys on Sunday evening at Highmark Stadium.

After dramatically defeating the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend, the Bills are very much alive and well in the AFC playoff race. But some could argue that they'll play their biggest regular season game in decades this weekend.

The Cowboys, on the backs of their quarterback Dak Prescott, enter Buffalo on a 7-1 streak that's seen them score at a 35.9 points per game clip.

To alleviate the pressure from quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills will need to be clicking on all cylinders, on both sides of the ball. And it will be these Bills players, in particular, who will need to step up in Week 15.