3 keys for victory for the Buffalo Bills over the New York Jets in Week 1

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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In the Sean McDermott era since 2017, the Buffalo Bills have only lost in the season opener twice (2018 against the Baltimore Ravens and 2021 against the Pittsburgh Steelers). Three of the four season opener wins since 2017 have taken place against the New York Jets (combined score of 65-45).

McDermott will be looking to add to that record as the Bills travel for yet another season opener against the Jets. The differences between this season opener and previous ones is that not only is this a primetime game, but both teams have a good amount of pressure on them due to either coming up short of expectations in the last couple of seasons, or the additions made this offseason that put them in win-now mode.

The Bills are in a championship window and have been since 2020, while the Jets have put themselves in win-now mode by trading for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, as well as adding various weapons on the offense such as Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, and running back Dalvin Cook

This is by far a great matchup for a Monday night and a great way to start off the season for the Bills. The last time the Bills played a football game that mattered, they were demolished on their home turf in the playoffs. It is now a new season for the Bills to set the tone against the Jets. 

Here are the three keys for the Buffalo Bills to start the season with a win against the Jets.