3 key matchups for Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills in Week 4

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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3.) Bills’ D-Line vs. Dolphins’ O-Line

This the biggest matchup on Sunday between these two rivals. The Dolphins offensive line has done an exceptional job with protecting Tua and only allowing one sack through three weeks. Not to mention, Tua has also been able to get the ball off quickly on the short routes that have turned into big plays. This isn’t to say that Tua can’t throw the long ball, but his strength is the short field. 

The Bills’ defensive line has caused havoc to start the season by bringing the pressure and causing the pocket to collapse. They have 12 sacks on the season and have been able to stop the run the last two weeks. The aggressiveness that Sean McDermott has installed into this defensive line has been noticed and there is no reason to believe that they will not get to Tua on Sunday.

The biggest key for the Bills to stop this Miami offense is to get to Tua and cause quick forced throws. Ed Oliver will be a big factor in this game by bringing the interior pressure that could force Tua to scramble out of the pocket and get caught by either Greg Rousseau or Leonard Floyd. 

It’s simple for the Bills with this matchup, get to Tua and get the hands up at the line of scrimmage to take away the short passes.