3 Buffalo Bills who struggled in Week 17 against the Patriots

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Josh Allen

Josh Allen would lead the way with two rushing touchdowns as well as make an incredible lateral to Khalil Shakir in the first half that helped set up a field goal and gave Buffalo a 13-7 lead. The plays Allen can make due to his legs and his size will always create problems for defenses but the way he is throwing the ball recently has to be a concern.

The turnovers are always going to be talked about and Allen once again had an interception against the Patriots (12 in the past 12 games) but the struggles go beyond the turnovers. Josh Allen has struggled with accuracy and has completed 60% or fewer of his passes in five of the past seven games.

In the past four games, Allen has only averaged 183 passing yards per game with only three passing touchdowns. This past week against the Patriots was the first game this season that Allen didn't have a single passing touchdown.

This week against the Dolphins could be a high-scoring matchup and the Buffalo Bills are going to need an MVP-level performance from Josh Allen.