3 Buffalo Bills who need to play well in preseason to keep roster spot

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Each day that passes in the month of August is one day closer to the start of week one of the NFL season. Before the season kickoff in Kansas City between the Chiefs and the exciting Detroit Lions team, preseason will be taking place this month. Like every year, preseason is meant for the non-starters to earn their spot on the final 53-man roster and to get the NFL fan base excited for the start of the season. 

The Buffalo Bills will host the Indianapolis Colts on August 12th before going on the road for the last two preseason games versus the Pittsburgh Steelers on August 19th, and the Chicago Bears on August 26th. The Bills arguably have brought in the most competition at various positions during training camp and there are players not just competing for a starting spot, but to make the roster as well.

With there only being 53 spots going into week one, the Bills coaching staff will be keeping an eye on each player which is not a guarantee to make the roster. 

Here are three Buffalo Bills players that will have to stand out in order to keep a roster spot.

3.) Brandon Shell - Offensive Tackle

The Bills signed Brandon Shell late in the free agency period for potential depth, and even a chance to compete for a starting spot at the right tackle position. With the past two seasons of ups and downs with Spencer Brown, the Bills seemed to have brought in Shell to see how well Brown could respond to it.

This is the third AFC East team that Shell has been on in his career (was drafted by the New York Jets and spent 2016-2019 with them, spent two seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, and spent last season with the Miami Dolphins). 

Shell will be a player to keep an eye on as Brown is still expected to be the starter heading into the season, and David Quessenberry is back on the roster who was on the team last season. While Shell might be a better backup to, Quessenberry has chemistry with the rest of the offense which matters upfront. Especially given the recent injuries that Brown has gone through this training camp and the last two seasons, Shell or Quessenberry could see some playing time this season.