3 Buffalo Bills to keep an eye on at the 'Return of the Blue and Red' practice

The Buffalo Bills go back to Highmark stadium during training camp for their traditional red and blue practice
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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3.) Dalton Kincaid

Bills mafia will get a chance to see what the first-round rookie tight end will look like on the field (even if it is just a practice). However, Kincaid will be practicing in front of a lot of fans that surround the stadium.

With the production that he has put on since the start of training camp, Kincaid will have eyes on him in the red and blue practice. He has managed to find that early chemistry with quarterback Josh Allen and is being compared to a Travis Kelce-like type of player. Not only that, but he has been earning the respect of players like Allen when it comes to his development. 

While his name has been mentioned plenty of times, Kincaid provides an extra weapon for Allen and can stretch the field for the pass attack. Bills fans at the practice will have a closer look at what the rookie can provide going into his first season.