5 players who are off to a great start at Buffalo Bills training camp

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Buffalo Bills Training Camp / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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2.) Dalton Kincaid - Tight End

The newest and most flashy weapon that the Bills brought in this offseason through draft has been on a roll so far in training camp. Kincaid has received high praise from teammates, including Josh Allen who mentioned that Kincaid has developed “instincts that are very high”.

Not to mention, tight end Dawson Knox has also mentioned that the relationship between him and Kincaid has been built up quickly and there is a bond between the two. As a rookie, Kincaid seems to be getting respect from his teammates and has been showing his talents on the field. 

His route-running abilities have been the most that have shined for him, along with him being able to reel in catches and pick up extra yardage. Being compared to a player like Travis Kelce, Kincaid can be used as a second weapon for the offense in the red zone, in which the Bills need to improve on. The rookie is off to a great start in training camp.