3 Buffalo Bills players who could be spared after salary cap hike

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Nyheim Hines

The Buffalo Bills traded for Nyheim Hines during the 2022 season and seemed like a perfect fit for the offense as a pass catching back for Josh Allen. However, Hines was almost a non-factor in that part of the game but did make an impact as a kick returner.

Entering the 2023 season, Hines seemed set to retain those special team responsibilities but also carve out a role in the offense. Unfortunately, a knee injury in a boating accident would cost him the entire season.

He does enter this season with a signficant cap hit of $5.48 million with no guaranteed money so all that would be available cap space if he were released. However, the Bills don't have much depth at the position behind James Cook.

Nyheim Hines, if he is fully recovered from his injury, could finally be a bigger part of the offense this upcoming season. Joe Brady has his running backs involved in the passing game and should be a perfect fit for Hines.

The fact that the Bills may not need to cut as much salary could keep Hines on the roster for the upcoming season.