Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons to worry about Dalton Kincaid

Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid, NFL Draft
Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid (Photo by Ali Gradischer/Getty Images) /

Reasons to worry about Buffalo Bills draft pick Dalton Kincaid: Lack of physicality

Kincaid might be the best receiving tight end in the draft, this year, but it’s mostly because of his ability to run excellent routes. He also has some sticky hands, which of course will help in that area. But, aside from his raw receiving prowess, Kincaid lacks in one major area: strength.

Watching some Utah game film will tell you that Kincaid can get knocked off of his routes by more physical defenders. Look, he’s a talented kid, and this isn’t meant to completely downplay the pick. But, drafting a tight end in the first round, when you already have a great starting tight end… that’s a risk, and it must be assessed.

Kincaid is no where near as strong as he should be for an NFL tight end. And, if you’re going to play football in the AFC East, with an ascending New York Jets defense and an always-aggressive New England Patriots defensive coaching staff, you’re going to have to get stronger. That’s a fact.

If he’s open, he’ll catch the ball. And, that happens often. But, if he’s in the midst of a contested catch opportunity, Kincaid can come up short. The lack of physicality stands out, and that’s one thing he’ll have to improve greatly.