NFL Draft: 5 players to target if the Buffalo Bills trades back in Round 1

Anton Harrison (Syndication: The Oklahoman)
Anton Harrison (Syndication: The Oklahoman) /
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The Buffalo Bills will have some options at pick 27 of the 2023 NFL Draft; however, there has been speculation of a possible trade-up scenario.  We here at BuffaLowDown have discussed the possibility and some players they might be targeting in doing so.

What about a trade back though?  Several mock drafts have been done with this scenario as well but rather than a mock draft, let’s take a look at a few players the Bills could target later in the first round or early in the second round if they choose to trade back.

I believe this is the more likely scenario for two reasons.  We’ve heard many times that this draft only has about 15 – 18 players that are truly first-round worthy, so if the Bills are eyeing one of those, the cost to move up that high would be too great.

The second reason would be the Bills have only six picks in this year’s draft, so moving up would almost certainly mean losing one of those six picks.  This is why it makes more sense to move back, where they could potentially still get a solid player that might be able to start right away and gain an extra pick in the process.

Three position groups in this draft are considered to be deep but don’t have a lot of top-end, first-round-grade players.  Those being wide receiver, offensive line and tight end.  At least two of these three positions are positions of need for the Buffalo Bills.

Before you say anything, I’m fully aware there are a couple of players within these positions that one could consider first-round talent but those are few and far between, while many scouts believe there to not be any at all.  Besides, as I mentioned earlier, the Bills would have to give up far too much to move high enough to grab any of those players.