The Buffalo Bills can and should make a blockbuster trade for DeAndre Hopkins

Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

For weeks now there has been speculation and rumors flying around about the Buffalo Bills making a trade for the All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.  Just in this past week, the rumors have taken on a whole other level of intensity.  Can it happen, can the Bills pull off this trade with the Arizona Cardinals?  Should they?

First, let’s talk about the how.  A lot of Bills fans are not buying into the hype simply because they do not believe the Bills can afford his high price tag.  While it’s true, his cost is expensive, there are ways to make it work.

Hopkins currently has two years on his contract and $36.36 million remaining with the Cardinals and they are looking at a cap hit for 2023 of over $30 million. The Bills would not be responsible for all of that, given that a portion of that is in guarantees by the Cardinals and signing bonuses.  None of the dollars remaining are guaranteed and the Bills can renegotiate the remaining portion of his deal, even extending it for a third year and spreading the money out over that period.

Additionally, if this trade happens, it likely means that Ed Oliver is on his way out via trade as well.  Moving Oliver saves the $10.6 million he’s due from the Bills in 2023.  That money can then go towards a new deal for Hopkins.  Plus, Hopkins has reportedly said that money is not his biggest concern but that he wants to play for a contender.  That could certainly work in the Bills’ favor.  Furthermore, the Cardinals need to make this happen to save on their finances, so they might also be willing to pay some of the contract money as well to help facilitate the deal.

Should the Buffalo Bills trade for DeAndre Hopkins?

Short answer do not hesitate, without a doubt make this happen.  Why, Bills fans have been asking for the team to get Josh Allen some weapons and the team has already gone out and signed two new receivers, a new running back, and two new offensive linemen.  They are making it very clear there is a focus on offense this offseason.

Secondly, having Hopkins opposite Stefon Diggs will finally give defenses someone other than Diggs to force coordinators to game plan, they could no longer use bracket coverage on Diggs and man up on Gabe Davis with their number one corner.  This will also help open up things underneath for Kahlil Shakir and Dawson Knox, as well as help the running game.  It’s a win-win all around for the offense.

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My final point, I don’t believe the trade will cost the Bills that much in draft assets either.  Brandin Cooks was just traded for a fifth and sixth-rounder, before that we saw Amari Cooper traded away for two fifth-rounders and a swap of sixth-round picks.  The Bills should be able to keep their first two picks in the coming draft and still grab a young rookie wide receiver for the future.