Grades for every Buffalo Bills move from first week of 2023 free agency

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Kyle Allen brought in to back up Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills once again were forced to make a change in their quarterback room after Case Keenum, who was last year’s backup, signed with the Houston Texans. The Bills looked to Keenum’s new team and signed Kyle Allen, who played last season in Houston.

However, prior to that Allen played with the Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers and has 19 career starts over five seasons. Josh Allen knows Kyle Allen, with both players working out together during the offseason, and bringing in a player that Josh Allen is familiar with is a good move on the part of the Buffalo Bills.

Grade: B

Connor McGovern signs three year deal to join Buffalo Bills

The biggest contract, in terms of years and total contract value, that the Buffalo Bills gave out this offseason was to offensive guard Connor McGovern. The former Dallas Cowboys guard is an athletic player who moved around with the Cowboys, from fullback to tight end to guard, but is now expected to solidify a position that has been an issue for the Buffalo Bills.

The question is whether or not this was the right player to address the position. The Bills have struggled to run the ball over the past few seasons and McGovern is much stronger in pass protection than clearing lanes on the ground.

The reason this move received the lowest grade of any move the Buffalo Bills made is that it was the biggest contract and he may not be the perfect fit to address the need on the offensive line.

Grade: C