3 reasons the Buffalo Bills don’t have to worry about Aaron Rodgers

Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images) /
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After Aaron Rodgers hopped on one of the bigger live sports-talk platforms— the Pat McAfee Show— on Wed., March 15, some big news involving the Buffalo Bills came to light.

Ever since the end of the 2022 NFL season, there was a belief that Aaron Rodgers wanted out of the Green Bay Packers, however, that’s become a re-run that plenty of NFL fans are done watching by now.

That said, this time, the belief seemed stronger. There was this level of believability that Aaron Rodgers would actually leave the Packers, and that the Packers were willing to move on from Aaron Rodgers.

Now, a lot of the hubbub was caused by people who don’t actually talk with Aaron Rodgers or anyone in his camp. That’s a point Rodgers makes clear plenty of times when he’s in the spotlight.

Do the Buffalo Bills need to worry about Aaron Rodgers moving to the AFC East?

And for the Buffalo Bills’ sake, maybe this is just another attempt for Rodgers at gaining publicity.

Each offseason for the last few years, Aaron Rodgers seemingly makes the offseason about him. Whether for good or for bad, Rodgers is running through headlines like Josh Allen runs through linebackers.

But something about the things he said on the Pat McAfee Show should give the Buffalo Bills reason to believe they won’t have to worry about him in the AFC East.

Whether he does join the New York Jets or not, that’s still to be determined. It could be a decision made in a few days, or it could be a decision that is long and drawn out.

Hmm… will Aaron Rodgers draw this out for attention? He would never.

Or would he?