Buffalo Bills Rumors: Jamaal Williams could replace Devin Singletary

Buffalo Bills, Jamaal Williams (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Jamaal Williams (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

NFL free agency is getting awfully close to officially open up, and the Buffalo Bills are already involved in some rumors.

Running back Devin Singletary will be a free agent come Wednesday, and the Bills will likely look to replace him with someone who can compliment second-year pro James Cook.

One of those options we pointed out just a few days ago is Detroit Lions free agent running back Jamaal Williams, who led the league in rushing touchdowns last year with 17.

Now, it appears the Bills’ interest in Williams is real, according to NFL expert Tyler Dunne.

Jamaal Williams would be the perfect backfield mate for Buffalo Bills sophomore James Cook

Williams has played the role of a complimentary back for the majority of his career, which started back with the Green Bay Packers as he and Aaron Jones shared the load. He has always been a great short yardage back and someone you can count on when third down comes, but last year, he proved he could also be an early down back.

Rushing for his first career 1,000-yard season in 2022, Williams went for 1,066 yards on the ground to go with his league-leading 17 touchdowns. He did that while toting a career-most 262 carries, taking over the bulk of the load from the younger D’Andre Swift.

Williams is set to turn 28 years old in April, but he comes with plenty of tread left on the tires. He’s the type of player you want in your locker room, too, as his attitude and positive outlook is one of the NFL’s brightest.

Giving the Bills an edge and a swagger in their backfield would take a little pressure off Josh Allen in the passing game, as well as having to use his own legs. Williams’ toolkit would give the Bills an even more dynamic run game in 2023, and if this team is serious about making a Super Bowl run, he could be one of those pieces viewed as a missing link.

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