Bills 2024 Super Bowl odds (How does Buffalo get over the hump?)

Spencer Brown, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle)
Spencer Brown, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle) /

The darling of last offseason was the Buffalo Bills. They had all the hype and were everybody’s preseason Super Bowl pick. Things fell apart for them in the playoffs, but they’ll get a chance to finally get over the hump next season.

A few weeks after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Buffalo is second to Kansas City in Super Bowl 58 odds. The Bills need to get Josh Allen back to 100%, but even before free agency or the draft, the Bills are worthy of the hype and could finally get over the Joe Burrow/Patrick Mahomes mountain top in the AFC.

Super Bowl 58 odds

How does Buffalo take the next step?

The Bills added the dominant pass rusher that they needed in Von Miller, but never got to see him in the postseason after his injury. Maybe he was the key to a Lombardi Trophy and finally getting over the hump, but after another divisional round exit, the question has to be asked. What’s going wrong in Buffalo?

Josh Allen is still a young enough quarterback so we might be a year or two away from real finger pointing and heads rolling within the organization, but things change quickly in the NFL. From what I watched this year, the main thing that the Bills need is a real, under-center, run game. They can’t rely on Josh Allen to take off 124 times a season and take that type of punishment even at his size. They need a way to rip off four and five yards consistently even when the other team knows they’re going to run the ball.

In the playoffs this year, Cincinnati easily shut off the run game and the Bills finished with just 10 points. I’m not suggesting that they take a first-round running back in the draft, but it’s time to address issues with this offense. They need somebody who can do for them what Isiah Pacheco did for the Chiefs in the postseason and more importantly the Super Bowl this year.

That all being said, the Bills aren’t far from winning it all, and even in a loaded AFC, I could certainly see them coming out on top next winter.

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