Stefon Diggs is every Buffalo Bills fan on Twitter right now

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs, Eli Apple (Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports)
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs, Eli Apple (Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports) /

After a tough loss against the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round, there was a tweet from Eli Apple that enraged the Buffalo Bills’ fan base— including Stefon Diggs.

Now, trash talk is an inevitable part of sports, especially the deeper into the season it gets. However, what people had a problem with wasn’t the “Cancun on 3” part. It was the hand heart at the end.

The hand heart emoji was a clear jab at Damar Hamlin, who used the emoji during his miraculous recovery from an incredibly scary incident that happened on Monday Night Football the last time these two teams met on the field.

While the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs have their history, it was likely that the Buffalo area was rooting more for the Bengals than the Chiefs due to the insensitive jab from Eli Apple to Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo Bills in general.

Once the Bengals beat the Bills in the divisional round, Eli Apple did his best to cover up his average football skills with his elite trolling skills by trying to get under the skin of the Buffalo Bills. And in terms of that goal, he was seemingly successful.

Let’s take a look at what all Eli Apple said on social media after their win against the Bills.

And there’s likely more, but the point is clear. Eli Apple had a lot to say after their win against the Buffalo Bills.

Now, after the Bengals’ loss, it was Stefon Diggs’ turn to take the microphone, as he was like every Bills fan on Twitter, responding to the Bengals and Eli Apple’s downfall.

So, it’s safe to say the Stefon Diggs vs Eli Apple saga ended with Stefon Diggs getting the final word. Who knows if it’s the final word forever or just for now.

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Knowing Eli Apple’s social media tactics gives reason to believe he hasn’t finished, but after all the talk and falling short, it seems unlikely he’ll activate the “Twitter Fingers” again for a while.