Buffalo Bills: Check out this insane Josh Allen stat from Wildcard Weekend

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports)
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports) /

With Wildcard Weekend fully in the rear view and the Buffalo Bills set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday, we want to take one more look back at the close victory a week ago.

The Bills barely defeated the Miami Dolphins in a game that should have been much more of a blowout. However, Bills quarterback Josh Allen was one of the main reasons Miami was able to make it close.

Thanks to three Allen turnovers, the Dolphins climbed right back into that game and Buffalo only ended up winning by a score of 34-31. It was a game far too close for comfort, especially for Bills fans.

Allen’s reckless play is nothing new, having been on full display throughout the 2022 season. But, despite those three giveaways, Allen was able to do something pretty spectacular. In the first quarter, Allen faced an 8-man blitz and let ‘er rip, sailing the ball downfield to Stefon Diggs in what would end up being the most improbable completion of his entire career.

It might have looked like just another great play, but Josh Allen’s bomb to Stefon Diggs in the Bills’ Wildcard win was one for the record books.

Per Zebra Technologies (@ZebraSports):

“Josh Allen’s 52-yard, deep completion to Stefon Diggs in the 1st quarter wound up being the most improbable of Allen’s career and the longest against an 8-man blitz since 2016. Allen had 1.1 yards of pass rush separation when he got the throw off, which traveled an air distance of 59.8 yards (the 2nd longest pass in the NGS Playoff Era). Diggs then hauled it in with a completion probability of just 15.6% (most improbable catch in the Wild Card round). The completion probability was also the lowest on any catch in the playoffs in the last 4 seasons and the lowest by any Bills player in any game in the NGS Era.”

It is pretty incredible what sports analytics can do for a player these days. Some might have thought this was just another great throw, which is something we’re accustomed to seeing from Allen.

But, it turns out that this throw was by far and away the least likely of completions he’s ever had. The fact that it came against an 8-man blitz, too, is pretty amazing.

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