Bills advance to AFC Divisional Round following close call versus Dolphins

Josh Allen #17, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Josh Allen #17, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

59. Sunday, January 15th. 1 PM EST. 31. . 34. 16.

Well, there are two ways to look at the most recent Buffalo Bills game. We can wallow in concern and allow a close call to fuel second-guessing, or we can turn to age-old theories like ‘a win is a win’. Why don’t we just roll with the latter option?

Buffalo survived a home scare in the Wild Card Round of the AFC Playoffs. Sure, they were heavy favorites and probably should have triumphed by a wider margin. We’re all very much aware of the fact that it’s difficult to beat anyone when the ball is turned over three times. Josh Allen didn’t have his best game, but the Miami Dolphins countered with two turnovers of their own. That helped balance the scales some.

Let’s all take a moment, catch our breath, and make long stories short. The Mafia is assured of another game in the Divisional Round, and when the smoke clears and the dust settles, that’s all that matters.

We all saw it folks. Buffalo is moving on.

Thankfully, Bills Mafia avoids another heartbreaking postseason loss.

Regardless of who the Divisional Round opponent is, we’ve concluded that blowouts are more fun. You won’t hear any complaints from anyone on this sideline if the Buffalo Bills win next week by two scores are more.

It’s hard to take these close calls and thrillers, especially after what we witnessed last season at Arrowhead Stadium. There are no guarantees in the NFL. No leads are safe. The Wild Card Round has proven that again this weekend, but here’s where we are now that we’ve taken some time to calm down.

Buffalo made a ton of mistakes, but they survived. Great teams don’t have to be great all of the time. They just need to be great when they have to be. That’s another age-old theory, and the Bills have proven its accuracy. They did just enough to win, and even though some will complain about how said win occurred, it’s much better to learn from mistakes when the team has a win in its back pocket.

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