Buffalo Bills Playoffs: 3 things that can’t happen vs. Bengals

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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Wildcard Weekend could not have been any closer for these Buffalo Bills, who now get set for one heck of a Divisional round.

Barely escaping the Miami Dolphins after allowing them to not only come back, but take a lead, the Bills have to get ready for one emotional matchup.

By now, we all know what this matchup means. It’s the game that never happened; the game that changed Damar Hamlin’s life forever.

The Bills must come ready and know that they have to recognize adrenaline will be part of the game. But, other than keeping their mind right, there are three things the Bills cannot afford to happen this weekend.

The Buffalo Bills cannot afford not to blitz Joe Burrow

This is a tough one, because Joe Burrow is one of the best quarterbacks in the game against the blitz. He has continually made defenses pay for sending pressure. It’s what he does.

However, the Ravens nearly had the Bengals on Sunday night, and they played Burrow well. Baltimore sacked Burrow four times, and the pressure came easier against a banged-up offensive line. Cincinnati is hurting up front, and the Bills have to take advantage. Heck, the Bengals were forced into playing a lineman that hadn’t taken a snap all year on Sunday night.

This is the playoffs. Of course you don’t want to risk Burrow making those extravagant plays against those blitzes. But, Buffalo has to win this battle. They have to get home. That’s a vulnerable offensive line, and although the Bengals have plenty of weapons for Burrow to get involved, Buffalo must take advantage of the injuries.