Buffalo Bills Mock Draft: Dolphins exposed Bills’ top draft needs

Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle)
Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle) /
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With a tight 34-31 win in Wildcard Weekend, the Buffalo Bills’ needs were made rather apparent— as they have this entire season.

There’s a need for interior linemen, a defensive back or two, and even possibly another running back with Devin Singletary’s future uncertain.

This weekend, the need for offensive line was made very clear.

The Dolphins just exposed what the Buffalo Bills need most in 2023 NFL Draft

The Dolphins’ defense sacked Allen seven times, and the Bills had a total of 107 yards combined between Devin Singletary, James Cook, and Josh Allen.

And during the entire regular season, the Bills’ top rusher only had 57 more rushing yards than their quarterback. Sure, Josh Allen is a dual-threat, but he shouldn’t have only 50 fewer yards than their starting running back.

Now, there’s no guarantee Devin Singletary returns to the Bills, and if that’s the case, the offensive line is going to need an upgrade.

James Cook is a good running back, however, his game isn’t between-the-tackles running. And the expected Buffalo Bills offensive line next season makes that statement even more true.

And it’s been an obvious game note that Sean McDermott wants Josh Allen to have fewer designed runs, as that’s not going to keep his banged-up quarterback playing longer.

Having an offense that is strictly run through the quarterback isn’t a sustainable strategy, injuries aside.

Yes, Josh Allen is an alien, but with the elbow injury as well as just having a pretty one-dimensional offense makes for tougher games than necessary.

Now, with one playoff game under the Bills’ belt, which draft moves were made clear and obvious?