Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen’s Wildcard performance should be worrisome

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills should have gone into this Wildcard Weekend ready to put a beatdown on the Miami Dolphins. This should have been a blood bath.

Instead, Buffalo let Miami hang around all afternoon after starting hot, and allowing the Dolphins to keep up. The Bills went up 17-0 in a hurry, but got a bit lazy and let the Dolphins chip away, eventually keeping the game close throughout once they caught up.

Quarterback Josh Allen entered the postseason after having a strong season, but not one without criticism. Allen had endured a stretch where he gave the ball away a ton, throwing six interceptions in three games (two in each).

Now, he followed that up with three straight games without throwing a pick.

Sunday afternoon, Allen seemed to revert back to the guy who took too many chances.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s performance against the Dolphins over Wildcard Weekend was a bit concerning.

After the Bills went up 17-0, the Dolphins kicked a field goal to make it 17-3. Instead of coming back and establishing their dominance, Allen and the offense gave it away, thus giving momentum back to Miami.

This throw by Allen was a bit careless and under thrown. It was one that should never have left his hand, quite frankly. Oftentimes, the big risk pays off. This time, it did not.

The Bills got the ball back after Miami kicked another field goal, and once again they turned it over. Now, to say the second interception was on Allen would be a little misleading. It was technically a dropped ball that led to Jevon Holland taking it away.

However, the Bills came out right away in the third quarter and Allen looked like a deer in headlights on one specific pass rush.

It was the rush which led to a defensive touchdown and the lead for Miami.

Say what you will, and defend Allen until you’re blue in the face. I love the guy. I believe in his talent. I believe he’s a top-five quarterback in this league.

But, the fumble was costly, and it came at one of the worst possible times for Buffalo.

In hindsight, sure, Allen probably would admit he should have tucked the ball and protected it. Instead, he coughed it up and it led to six.

The Bills continue to win games, but Allen does now have a combined 30 giveaways this season.

That’s… not good.

If Buffalo is going to advance in the Divisional round, Allen has to be at his best. Going forward, it’s only going to get more difficult for the Bills, and they have to get Allen’s A-game.

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