Bills Rumors: Josh Allen gives Odell Beckham Jr. his best sales pitch

Buffalo Bills (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

One of the biggest storylines in the NFL over the last few weeks is where veteran wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will wind up — could it be with the Buffalo Bills?

Beckham last played in the Super Bowl for the reigning champion Los Angeles Rams, before tearing his ACL and having to endure yet another lengthy road to recovery.

Now, he is getting healthier and could end up being ready to play towards the end of the season, if not to begin the playoffs. Clearly, that means the 3-time Pro Bowler is looking for a Super Bowl contender. Of course, the vast majority believe he’ll sign with the Dallas Cowboys, but recently it was reported that Dallas may have some concerns. The possibility of Beckham signing elsewhere is absolutely in play.

So, it makes sense that the number one seeded Bills would be interested. Recently, quarterback Josh Allen revealed that he got the chance to hang with Odell and give him his best sales pitch for joining Buffalo. Allen went on Kyle Brandt’s podcast to share the story.

There is no doubt bringing in Odell Beckham Jr. to the Bills would ignite a Super Bowl run.

"“That’d be pretty cool, that’d be really cool … obviously he came to Buffalo, it’s no secret. Got to hang out with him a little bit and give him our best ‘shpeal’”"

So, Allen did indeed get a chance to hang with Beckham for a bit and give him a pitch, as have several players to this point. It’s clear that Allen respects Beckham and understands that his skill set would only further the team’s Super Bowl chances.

"”Everybody would welcome that … His track record speaks for itself. He stays in that game last year and he’s the Super Bowl MVP … I gave him some tidbits of what I could foresee happening with him on the field.”"

What exactly could the Bills offense look like with a healthy Beckham on the field?

Well, as of late, James Cook has finally been able to break loose a little bit and the offense looks a whole lot more versatile. Making the trade for Nyheim Hines has allowed Buffalo to use a bunch of pre-snap motion and attempt to confuse defenses. Of course, the Bills are already full of talent at wide receiver.

Stefon Diggs is one of the best wideouts this league has to offer. Buffalo has weapons in Gabe Davis, Isaiah McKenzie and Khalil Shakir, among others like tight end Dawson Knox.

This offense is nothing short of high-powered. Adding one of the NFL’s most exciting wide receivers to this group would only amplify their ability to put points on the board. Beckham is a guy who doesn’t need to necessarily know the entire playbook. His skill set is perfect for a few different routes or packages, and the Bills wouldn’t have to create much of a learning curve for him.

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Does Beckham end up in Dallas as many think he will? Or does he pull a surprise move and sign with Buffalo? Stay tuned.