4 roster options for the Buffalo Bills after Von Miller’s knee injury

Von Miller, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)
Von Miller, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills could sign a free agent

The final option for the Buffalo Bills would be to look outside the franchise and sign a free agent that could help this team through the regular season and into the playoffs. This option likely only makes sense if Miller is forced to miss the remainder of the year and the team doesn’t feel confident in Mike Love being that extra player in their rotation.

The challenge is that at this point in the season, there aren’t many impact free agents still available. The front office will need to determine whether or not there is a player who can produce more than a player like Mike Love or Kingsley Jonathan.

One part that will factor into the equation for this is how quickly that player could get up to speed learning this defense. The fact that the Bills do rotate their players so frequently, the coaching staff could get him on the field in particular situations while they are learning the playbook.

In the end, there is no solution that will completely replace what Von Miller brought to this defense and any time missed will be a big loss for this defense. However, the most likely scenario will be elevating Mike Love for the next two weeks, and if Miller does miss any additional time sign Love to the active roster.