Josh Allen still in search of first career OT win with the Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle)
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle) /

Josh Allen has accomplished a lot since the Buffalo Bills drafted him in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He has developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the league and is well on his way to holding a majority of the franchise records in passing.

He has appeared in 70 games and as a starting quarterback has a 45-24 record in the regular season. However, one thing he has yet to accomplish is to win a game that goes into overtime, either in the regular season or the playoffs.

Josh Allen has found himself in overtime four times in his career, including three between this season and last season. He has gone to overtime in two playoff games, the first being in 2019 when the Bills lost to the Houston Texans in the AFC Wild Card Round.

Then last year, Allen and the Bills found themselves in overtime but this time in the regular season on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bills’ offense would go three and out on their first drive of overtime before Tom Brady got the ball and drove down the field for the game-winning touchdown.

He would be back in overtime later that season as the Buffalo Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round. However, it is tough to blame Allen for that loss because he never even got a chance to step on the field in the extra quarter as the Chiefs would score a touchdown on their opening drive.

Josh Allen had a great chance to end the streak against the Minnesota Vikings

The latest defeat happened on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings as the Bills lost 33-30 and the game ended on an ill-advised throw by Josh Allen that was picked off by Patrick Peterson in the end zone.

Of all the overtime games, this is the one that falls squarely on Josh Allen’s shoulders. The Bills probably should have never even gotten to overtime as a botched snap by Allen in the end zone forced the offense to try to tie it up in the closing seconds.

Then in overtime, Allen made some incredible plays that got the team in position to at least tie it but forced a throw to Gabe Davis that really wasn’t there. That play ended up costing the Bills at a minimum a tie and instead ends up in the loss column.

The narrative that the Buffalo Bills are not able to win close games is once again a topic after back-to-back losses to the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings and will take time for Josh Allen and this team to dispel.