Josh Allen passes Peyton Manning for total TDs in first five seasons

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Josh Allen has the fourth most touchdowns in the first five years of an NFL career and passes Peyton Manning

With his record-setting touchdown on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen surpassed Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning for most touchdowns in a player’s first five seasons. The former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback was fifth on that list with 147 total.

These two quarterbacks reached this total in very different ways as Manning rarely scrambled outside of the pocket. In his first five seasons, Manning had only 556 rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns. Meanwhile, Josh Allen has 2,508 rushing yards and 33 rushing touchdowns.

Since the Buffalo Bills drafted Allen in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, he has made tremendous improvements and a majority of his 148 total touchdowns have come in the past three seasons. In 2020, Allen had 46 total touchdowns (37 passing touchdowns, 8 rushing touchdowns, 1 receiving touchdown) and then last year had 42 total touchdowns (36 passing touchdowns, 6 rushing touchdowns).

Josh Allen has more time to add to that total

While Josh Allen currently is only fourth on this list, he still has plenty of time to add to his total. He is only five games into his fifth season and still has another 12 regular season games left.

In every game so far this season, Allen has had at least two total touchdowns. Entering Week 5, Allen was fourth in the league in passing touchdowns and has also accounted for every touchdown the Buffalo Bills have scored this year.

While it is unlikely he will continue to account for every touchdown the Buffalo Bills score this year, if he keeps his current pace of at least two touchdowns every game he will add 24 more touchdowns to his total. That would be enough for him to surpass the current record holder, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, who had 171 total touchdowns to begin his career.