4 teams on Buffalo Bills schedule who were surprisingly good in Week 1

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Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the bigger upsets of the weekend was the Pittsburgh Steelers coming away with an overtime win on the road over the defending AFC champions Cincinnati Bengals. It was an impressive performance by the Steelers as they forced Joe Burrow to throw four interceptions and sacked him seven times.

It isn’t a surprise that T.J. Watt was a big part of that as last year’s Defensive Player of the Year and had two sacks and an interception against the Bengals. However, the Bills may not be facing Watt when Pittsburgh comes to Buffalo in Week 5. He suffered a torn pec in the game and while it appears he won’t need surgery, Watt is unlikely to be back until the end of October.

On the offensive side of the ball, former Buffalo Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was efficient and a good game manager in this game. He didn’t make any critical mistakes with no turnovers but threw for only 194 yards and one touchdown.

The Steelers have consistently been one of the best teams in the AFC for most of their franchise history. While they may not be at that level this year, this is going to be a tough game where the Buffalo Bills will have to make it a point to protect the football.