Best New York Sportsbook Promo: Get $150 Free if Josh Allen Throws for 1 Passing Yard


What are the chances Josh Allen throws for at least one passing yard in the Buffalo Bills’ season-opener against Los Angeles? Almost nothing is guaranteed in life, but that feels right up there with death and taxes, right?

If someone offered you $150 if you bet them $5 that Allen would throw for at least one yard, you’d probably feel bad about taking advantage of the poor sucker before gleefully accepting, right?

CLAIM HERE -> bet $5, win $150 in free bets guaranteed

Allow me to introduce you to that poor sucker: FanDuel Sportsbook.

Bet $5, Win $150 if Josh Allen Throws For 1+ Passing Yard

This is the kind of can’t-lose offer that doesn’t come often. FanDuel is giving Bills fans a risk-free $5 wager to win $150 in free bets if Josh Allen throws for one measly yard.

You don’t need to call a doctor to make sure FanDuel is feeling okay, you just have to follow three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for FanDuel. 
  2. Deposit at least $10.
  3. Wager $5 or more on Josh Allen’s passing yards prop.

That’s it! Your account will be credited with $150 in free bets with no strings attached. If Josh Allen throws for 3 yards, you win. If he throws for 300, you win. Just bet the over or under on his passing yards prop and you’re all set.

Right now his over/under passing yards is 274.5 on FanDuel sportsbook, so I’m thinking he’s gonna throw for 1 or more yard.

There are a lot of Bills fans, so hurry and take advantage of FanDuel’s generosity before they realize their grave mistake.

Bet $5, Win $150, Sign up for FanDuel now!