Preseason 2023 3-round mock draft for the Buffalo Bills

Andrew Vorhees, USC (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Andrew Vorhees, USC (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /
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Just before the Buffalo Bills play their final preseason game and rosters get cut down to 53 players and a 16-man practice squad, let’s jump ahead an entire season and ponder what the Bills may do in the 2023 Draft.

While we are a whole season of ups and downs, it is always exciting to speculate not only who the Bills may pick but also where the team will be and what they may need. This also has a small silver lining in the timing of this mock draft as the college football season is mere days away, and the coverage of these players will steadily increase as the season continues.

The Buffalo Bills hold their pick in every draft round except for the fifth round, where they own their selection and the pick acquired from the Arizona Cardinals just a few days ago in a deal for guard Cody Ford.

However, we will only stick to three rounds in this mock draft as there is at least a bit of a public consensus on the Top 100 prospects. However, past that mark will be heavily reliant on the performances and outcomes of this season. So we will stick with three rounds until the college football season starts to progress and players start to perform.

While the draft order is near impossible to pick, we will not label these picks with a number but instead go off the premise that the Bills will pick towards the end of each round. After countless mock drafts and prospect research, I came out with three picks throughout the first three rounds that make sense for the Bills and are likely to be picked around the end of the round I selected them.