Predicting the stat line for Buffalo Bills’ QB Josh Allen in 2022

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

For the past two seasons, Josh Allen has put up record-breaking stat lines and now has the highest and second-highest passing yard totals in franchise history with 4,544 in 2020 and 4,407 last season.

The same can be said for passing touchdowns with 37 in 2020 and 36 last year, which once again ranks first and second in franchise history. In addition to throwing the ball, he is a dynamic threat on the ground and last year had 763 rushing yards (which was a career-high) with six rushing touchdowns (which was actually a career-low).

The question now is will Josh Allen continue this production and what might his stat line look like?

Predicting Josh Allen’s stat line for the Buffalo Bills in 2022

Let’s start with the passing stats as this has remained relatively consistent and it’s safe to say that his floor is likely what he has shown the past two seasons. He should throw around 4,400 passing yards with 35 to 40 passing touchdowns.

The biggest difference last year was he had one extra regular season game, threw roughly three more pass attempts per game, and still saw his totals slightly decrease.

This happened for a number of reasons as the Bills seemed to become too reliant on the passing game and defenses were able to drop back more and not have to worry so much about the run. In addition, the Bills struggled to gain yards after the catch and Josh Allen talked about how he could help in this area based on ball placement and where he throws it.

That shouldn’t be as much of an issue this season as the Bills brought in more speed on offense, notably James Cook, and got younger in the slot with Jamison Crowder replacing Cole Beasley. Even if Allen’s pass attempts decrease from last season, he should surpass his totals in 2021.

This season, the Buffalo Bills also likely take some of the workload off Josh Allen running the ball. He finished the season with a career-high 122 rush attempts and that total should drop closer to 95-100 but similar to the passing game, this could result in more efficiency from Allen.

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The Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback is viewed as a serious contender for the MVP award and this stat line prediction should put him in a great position to win the award.

2022 stat line prediction for Josh Allen:

  • 390 completions – 600 pass attempts (65% completion percentage)
  • 4,485 passing yards
  • 39 passing touchdowns
  • 12 interceptions
  • 100 rush attempts
  • 500 rushing yards
  • 8 rushing touchdowns