Buffalo Bills once again hoping for ‘splash plays’ from Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine Edmunds, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Tremaine Edmunds, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

For the second straight year, Buffalo Bills’ defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was asked what Tremaine Edmunds can do to take that next step. Frazier once again had a simple answer and that was for more splash plays.

"“You want more splash plays, you want those big plays and ball games. That play he made against the Texans, the interception he came up with that was a huge play in that ball game. It really helped propel us along the way to a really good performance.”"

The Buffalo Bills had one of their best defensive performances of the season as it was their second shutout in a three week stretch. The Texans would have only 109 total yards and the Bills forced five turnovers.

The first turnover came from Edmunds early in the game and seemed to spark the entire team as the first two drives for the Bills’ offense ended in an interception and then a three and out.

These types of plays though have seemingly been few and far between in Edmunds first four years with the Buffalo Bills. As a rookie, he did a good job of making these game-changing plays with two interceptions, two forced fumbles, and two sacks.

However, over the past three years, he has had only two interceptions, no fumbles, and only 3.5 sacks.

Tremaine Edmunds discusses how he can create more of these plays for the Buffalo Bills

After OTAs on Tuesday, Tremaine Edmunds was asked specifically about how he can improve in this area. He said it is a combination of a few different things:

"I think it’s a little bit of everything whether it’s seeing stuff, whether it’s stuff you pick up in the classroom, just being in the right place at the right time. I think you can everything ultimately comes up with making splash plays."

The lack of these splash plays is a big reason that it has been even a discussion about whether or not the Buffalo Bills should sign Tremaine Edmunds to a contract extension. He is entering the final year of his rookie contract and there are plenty of reasons to extend him considering he is only 24, made two Pro Bowls (even without the splash plays), and has a unique blend of size and speed.

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The Buffalo Bills have made a number of changes on the defensive side of the ball but if Tremaine Edmunds can make more of those splash plays that Frazier is looking for, that could be the biggest difference for this defense in 2022.