Could Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen throw a ball further than Matt Araiza can punt one?

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

After the Buffalo Bills drafted Matt Araiza with the 180th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Bills found themselves with a player on offense and a player on special teams that can really move a football. Whether the ball gets thrown by Josh Allen, or punted by Matt Araiza, the ball is flying through the air for some time.

Which Buffalo Bills player could move a ball further down the field: Josh Allen throwing or Matt Araiza punting?

There’s even a hypothetical competition I first heard on Pardon My Take between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes to see who could throw a ball further. My money would be on Josh Allen there, though, Patrick Mahomes can also really sling the ball.

Now, on the same podcast, Pardon My Take, a question came out of PFT Commenter’s mouth that got my mind racing.

"“Who do you think can get the ball further downfield, Josh Allen throwing it or [Matt Araiza] punting it?” – PFT Commenter, Pardon My Take"

And while I never took a physics class in high school, the internet has answers to most– if not all– questions.

No, I wasn’t able to just type that question into Google and find an answer, but by looking at the two throwing or punting, an educated guess could be made.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

So, without further ado, could Josh Allen throw a football further than Matt Araiza could punt one?

Let’s start with the Josh Allen argument, as he’s known for having a complete cannon of an arm. The same could be said about Araiza’s leg, but it’s Josh Allen’s turn first.

Don’t worry, Punt God fans, he’ll be next.