This or That: Comparing Buffalo Bills 2022 NFL Mock Draft Selections

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Buffalo Bills, Brandon Beane (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Buffalo Bills’ This or That Round 6: Matt Araiza (P) or Matt Araiza (P)?

Finally, a break from picking between two players! This pick is automatic. If Araiza is available at pick No. 203, it’s almost a lock that the Buffalo Bills will take him.

While Matt Haack is a fine punter and all, the Buffalo Bills could use a Matt Araiza on 4th down.

Matt Haack 2021-22 ranking

  • Punts: 52 punts (22nd/32nd)
  • Punt gross avg: 42.88 yards (31st/32nd)
  • Longest punt: 62 yards (T-22nd/32nd)
  • Punts inside 20: 18 punts (T-24th/32nd)

So, while Matt Haack might not be needed as much as other teams’ punters, having the best punter in college football– at least on paper– could be worth the 203rd pick in the draft.

It’s really uncertain when Araiza will be drafted, but given he’s a punter, 203rd is likely in his ballpark.

The night that Matt Araiza raised the most eyebrows was likely the night of his NFL Combine performance. He ran a 4.68 40-yard dash, which caused Twitter to king Matt Araiza as Punt God.

In the 2021-22 season, Araiza set a few records for punters, which means a lot to the special teams community. It might not be as celebrated as a quarterback setting records, but punters are people, too. Don’t forget it.

Araiza holds the FBS record for most 60+ yard punts, and he averaged a punt distance of 51.19 yards: a new single-season record.

Not only that, but Araiza also punted a single football 86 yards in a game against Hawaii. If people didn’t know Araiza by this punt, they learned of him during the Combine.

Matt Araiza is a very intriguing punter, and regardless of which team he actually goes to, in this mock draft, Matt Araiza is the clear pick in this battle.

Last pick coming up. Can you guess who it is?