This or That: Comparing Buffalo Bills 2022 NFL Mock Draft Selections

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Buffalo Bills’ This or That Round 4: Tariq Castro-Fields (CB) or Bo Melton (WR)?

Getting lower in the draft, these picks could become easier when choosing between this or that for the Buffalo Bills.

In terms of which player is a better player overall, that nod would likely go to Bo Melton. Him lasting until the fourth round isn’t ridiculous, but it might not be the most likely. He’s a guy that could fit into many offensive systems, so a team reaching for him in the second or third round isn’t out of the question.

Now, on the other hand, Tariq Castro-Fields was more of a necessary pick in the first mock draft completed for this article. He was the first corner taken, and that alone would have some Bills fans screaming at clouds.

That being said, let’s look at Tariq Castro-Fields. What does this corner from Penn State bring to the table?

Standing 6’1″ and weighing in at around 200 lbs, while also running a 4.38 40-yard dash puts him as a very high-potential prospect. He has good size and speed, however, considering his draft position, he could use some tightening up in areas.

His game has flaws, as he’s not elite in either man or press, but his size could make him a solid corner in this league if he gets better in some areas. He might not be the top corner for a team, but he could play a nice, complementary role in the Bills’ defense.

While the Bills likely would still need to get a veteran corner to pair with Tre’Davious White, Tariq Castro-Fields could be a good corner in this league. It’s up in the air, but the Bills’ defense is productive enough to have him be in a lesser role to start his NFL career.

Now, to look at Bo Melton.

In terms of a skills and talent comparison between Castro-Fields and Melton, Bo Melton likely wins most.

He fits with what the Buffalo Bills’ offense does well, and he’d be able to fit the hole that Cole Beasley left. Along with what he could do on the offense, Melton is a player that could also suit up to return punts or kicks. His potential is pretty high due to his versatility.

Paired up with Josh Allen’s arm, Bo Melton could really shine in Buffalo’s spread offense.

However, the lower-level competition Bo Melton faced at Rutgers is notable for sure. The NFL will have better competition than Rutgers faced, but even with that fact ringing true, Bo Melton has high potential in this league. And Rutgers wasn’t the school he went to because other schools didn’t offer him. Bo Melton went to Rutgers because that’s where his parents went.

The school Melton went to shouldn’t lower the draft stock Melton’s game built up.

This is the case with most any receiver in this upcoming draft, but Josh Allen could absolutely unlock the potential of Bo Melton.

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