Jamison Crowder is primed for breakout season with Buffalo Bills

Jamison Crowder, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: NorthJersey)
Jamison Crowder, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: NorthJersey) /

Once Cole Beasley was released, the Buffalo Bills needed a slot guy, which is a big role in this offense. Even with Beasley starting to slip in production– as well as become a common headline feature for non-football matters– he was a crucial member of the Buffalo Bills’ offense.

Jamison Crowder joining the Buffalo Bills gives him the best chance for a breakout year

And with Jamison Crowder’s signing becoming officially official, he’s primed for a breakout season.

Now, comparing Crowder to Beasley is a bit of a stretch when looking at their stats lined up together. But, with both of them being slot guys, there’s nothing to say Josh Allen can’t lead Jamison Crowder to a higher potential than Crowder’s former quarterbacks.

Jamison Crowder’s quarterbacks through his career

  • 2015-17 (WAS): Kirk Cousins
  • 2018 (WAS): Alex Smith (10 starts), Josh Johnson (three starts), Colt McCoy (two starts), and Mark Sanchez (one start)
  • 2019 (NYJ): Sam Darnold* (13 starts), Luke Falk (two starts), and Trevor Siemian (one start)
  • 2020 (NYJ): Sam Darnold (12 starts) and Joe Flacco (4 starts)
  • 2021 (NYJ): Zach Wilson* (13 starts), Mike White (three starts), and Joe Flacco (one start)
    *Rookie quarterback

So, as evident by the list above, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for Jamison Crowder. Since 2015, Crowder’s played for 11 different starting quarterbacks, and for three of those years, he’s been with the New York Jets. In those three seasons, the Jets went a combined 13-36, and in those same three seasons, they’ve ranked 31st (2019: 17.3 ppg), 32nd (2020: 15.2 ppg), and 28th (2021: 18.2 ppg) in points for per game.

On the contrary, the Buffalo Bills have recently become one of the NFL’s highest-scoring offenses, which primes Jamison Crowder for a breakout season– especially if he steps right in and fills the spot Cole Beasley left.

In 2020, Cole Beasley had one of the best seasons of his career, ending the season with 82 receptions, 967 yards, and four touchdowns, as well as a catch percentage of 76.6%.

While Crowder’s best season was all the way back in 2016, Kirk Cousins is one of the better quarterbacks he’s played with. In 2016, his sophomore season, Crowder hauled in 67 receptions for 847 yards and seven touchdowns.

So, while Cole Beasley and Jamison Crowder differ on the stat sheet, Crowder has a genuine chance at having his best season with the Buffalo Bills, as he pairs up with a quarterback that likes to hit his slot guy.

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In Beasley’s career with Josh Allen, he combined for 231 receptions, 2,438 yards, and 11 touchdowns. And this was all while Beasley was in his thirties. Jamison Crowder will be 29 going into the season, so– while it’s not the most likely outcome in the world– Jamison Crowder joining the Buffalo Bills this season primes him for a breakout season.