3 Buffalo Bills who struggled in Week 13 against the New England Patriots

Zack Moss, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports)
Zack Moss, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dawson Knox

There is no denying that Dawson Knox has had a great season for the Buffalo Bills and become one of Josh Allen’s top targets. He has seven receiving touchdowns on the season which is tied for the league lead among tight ends. The Bills’ tight end has even completed a two-point conversion with a broken hand back in Week 6 against the Titans.

However, on Monday night some of the bad habits from the first two seasons for Knox came back and at the worst possible times. On the Bills opening drive, Josh Allen threw a pass to Knox on a crossing route on third down that would have likely been enough for a first down but Dawson Knox dropped it.

Then midway through the second quarter, Josh Allen once again went back to his tight end on a 3rd and 19. Knox had to slide to make the catch, that if made would have been a first down, but once again the pass was dropped. This was tougher than the first play but Knox has shown he can make these catches.

The worst sequence of the night though came late in the fourth quarter when the Buffalo Bills were in the red zone. It was 3rd and 9 when Dawson Knox was called for a false start and backed the Bills up five.

He had a chance to make up for it on the next play and after Josh Allen made an amazing play to avoid the pass rush saw Knox in the end zone. Once again Dawson Knox had a chance to come up with a big catch but the ball was knocked out of his hands by Adrian Phillips.

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When looking at this game, these are three players that stood out that had they made some key plays it would have likely swung the outcome in the Buffalo Bills’ favor.